Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wang #14- 39 Days and Counting

I absolutely cannot wait for this movie to come out! This movie will be iconic. Of course, I`ve been a huge SATC for years and I absolutely adore the fashion. The movie might even have a sequel as well! It fascinates me so much how Carrie can wear so many different looks and actually wear them well. I especially love her outfit with the knee high socks. Gosh, I might just go out and buy some.

source: tfs


Jennifer said...

I LOVE Carrie's outfit in the second picture at Bryant Park.

PS. I love your blog name. It's so awesome!

simply.steph said...

I do love all her looks, and her versatility. btw from the previous post you commented on, yeah you are so pro! It was pistachio ice cream! ahahah


thank you =)!!
i love your blog name.
tres clever!
i got my flats from
department depot,
they were only 20 bux

Annabel said...

i love the last picture because of Stanford. Some scenes just went by so quickly... you barely had any time to look at the outfits!