Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wang #10

US Vogue May 08

Looks like I`m not buying it this month. To me, Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most boring actresses I have ever seen. I believe that people who grace the cover of Vogue should be some what of a fashion icon or at least fashion forward. She has been bland since I can remember and I think what's she's most known for is for starting the celebrity baby boom and weird celebrity baby name trend starting with her daughter Apple. God she looks frozen.

Spanish Street Style

Oh, he just looks divine.

Usually, I absolutely hate the color of acid-washed jeans, but I found a picture that actually makes me want to change my mind. Who knew beige worked so well?

I really love geek glasses. She looks so cool and calm.

THE LEATHER JACKET. A MUST-HAVE. The whole black ensemble is perfect and that leather jacket is WONDERFUL.

Emporio Armani supposedly has sold out their line of roller skates...Because everyone needs Emporio Armani roller skates

Lastly, my new love- geek glasses

source: tfs, facehunter, sartorialist


Ginger said...

There's something freaky about that picture of her

One Sweet Day said...

I need geek glasses, a leather jacket, and a tan. =)

aficionada said...

I'm loving the "geek" glasses look as well. Too bad they weren't as in when I first got glasses and wouldn't wear them due to the "4 eyes" cruelty kids like to bestow upon us glasses wearers...