Friday, June 27, 2008

Wang #17 - I'm back!

Finally back after a long month! I've been out of the whole fashion world and tfs for a month. Why? I got so sick of WAYWT. Hell, I'm sick of my own WAYWT. I needed to look at someting refreshing! But anyway, on my journey back to the fashion world I ran into this...

GROSS! Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton give birth to "Monogramouflage". Looks like Bape barfed all over Louis! As if the first collaboration wasn't bad enough! The only thing great about it was the cute ad I saw on youtube. The only monogram I would buy is the original canvas and the mahina. Enough said!

So other forms of art were enjoyed during my small break, especially interior design. One trend in both fashion and interior design now are probably mixing vintage and modern items in order to concoct a unique look.

So would you rather buy real vintage or a new item busted up and thrown around to create a vintage look (perhaps the option for the hygiene freaks)?
picredits - hypebeast, apartmenttherapy