Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If I...

Summer's been pretty hectic! I've decided to dedicate this blog post to a special topic: If I...

If I had the long legs...

Her wonderful purple outfit and classic peep toe pumps are making me so jealous. Her style is to die for with the simple black clutch in hand.

If I were in Paris...

I've always wanted to visit France, especially Paris. I've always wanted to wear the classic black béret and carry a 2.55 Chanel bag. The girl in the picture doesn't have the Chanel bag but she has everything else. Flowy dress and simple necklace equals pure perfection.

If I was French...

No Doubt about it. I would be Anna Mouglalis. Not only is she set to be Coco Chanel in the upcoming movie about Coco, but she also models for the luxury brand as well. Everything about Anna just seems so French. Her sexy voice, the smoking, and her sense of fashion. So chic. God i love the French.

If I was 40 years old...

I would be Daphne Guinness. Style Icon & Glam Queen. She is the only person I could ever imagine to pull off a two-toned hair style. Did I mention she has a rockin` body after 3 kids? Oh she's wearing Chanel HC btw.

If I had to choose a trend I hate...

Uggs. WORSE. Uggs with shorts or "pink" shorts. I believe Uggs are hideous, no matter how warm they make you feel, they are fugly. Uggs should be wore as slippers and that means INSIDE the house. I would rather die then wear these fugly sheep slippers outside. I especially have no idea what people are thinking wearing Uggs with shorts! My thought is a person wears Uggs because its cold, then why would you pair them up with shorts? Its such a contradiction!

If I had to choose a trend that might be "in" forever...

There is just no way this scarf will ever be "out" of fashion. Everyone has this from Heidi Montag from The Hills (shudders) to A-list celebs all over the world. Usually, I`m not into the whole "skull" thing, but this scarf is an exception. It comes in almost every color you could imagine and matches with any ensemble. God I need one right now.

Well, I`m off to sleep and will probably post later this week, but for now I`ll just enjoy the pages of Vogue Paris with Daria. These editorials are wonderful.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wang #17 - I'm back!

Finally back after a long month! I've been out of the whole fashion world and tfs for a month. Why? I got so sick of WAYWT. Hell, I'm sick of my own WAYWT. I needed to look at someting refreshing! But anyway, on my journey back to the fashion world I ran into this...

GROSS! Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton give birth to "Monogramouflage". Looks like Bape barfed all over Louis! As if the first collaboration wasn't bad enough! The only thing great about it was the cute ad I saw on youtube. The only monogram I would buy is the original canvas and the mahina. Enough said!

So other forms of art were enjoyed during my small break, especially interior design. One trend in both fashion and interior design now are probably mixing vintage and modern items in order to concoct a unique look.

So would you rather buy real vintage or a new item busted up and thrown around to create a vintage look (perhaps the option for the hygiene freaks)?
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Wang #16 - First WAYWT and Rants

It's extremely hot here today!

First waywt. Don't kill me.

Anyway, for the past few years Abercrombie & Fitch has been pinpointed as the object of conformism and a store that sets up an "ideal" look or lifestyle for young teenagers. People cringe at the idea of Abercrombie & Fitch. I mean, when has one season not looked like the last? When will the moose or the words "ABERCROMBIE & FITCH" be taken off of the garments? Never. Why? For the consumers! If the company, including its other chains Hollister and Ruehl, is making a lot of money from the same shit, then why change it? Polos, tanks, short bubble skirts, cargo pants, and logo-infested T-shirts and hoodies...they're all working! Nonetheless, I pick up good basics and hoodies to wear to the supermarket here and the quality isn't so bad. Besides, every store/designer promotes a lifestyle or unique look and it's a shame we only have to draw out this company. Plus the ads have some pretty spicy men.

Sometimes the consumers/money is more important than the fashion and clothing itself (ahem. connection to Juicy Couture?). I get a little disappointed when I see a rich chav sporting Chanel and huge desginers in the ugliest, monogram-loving way ever. I could imagine Coco rolling in her grave seeing people sport her items that way. Thank God only the more chic people own the haute couture items. Anyway, I think "Damn! Not fair! If I had the money I could totally buy such better items." But, I think that goes for a lack of education in any field. For example, I'd buy a Sony T.V. after hearing that it's better than other manufacturers, despite having no knowledge about the actual chips and circuits inside. If I ever became a desginer, I think I'd make my clothing exclusive and special not because of its price, but because of the process needed to purchase my clothing. Membership would be required and in order to obtain membership, each person would have to send in a portfolio of their style and how they would wear my pieces. I mean as a designer, I would want my works executed with great sophistication and luxury on the streets, not my sunglasses worn with PINK sweats, Uggs, and a Juicy Couture bag. We've all see this combo. Don't deny it.

Oh my god, Patchwork Uggs! Jesus Christ someone hand me a trash can before I barf on my pet dog's grave.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Wang #15

Another icon has got to be Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

She embodied elegance and sophistication through simplicity, something I strive to apply everyday. And she popped out this fine man...

Damn the curse of the Kennedys!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wang #14- 39 Days and Counting

I absolutely cannot wait for this movie to come out! This movie will be iconic. Of course, I`ve been a huge SATC for years and I absolutely adore the fashion. The movie might even have a sequel as well! It fascinates me so much how Carrie can wear so many different looks and actually wear them well. I especially love her outfit with the knee high socks. Gosh, I might just go out and buy some.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wang #13- Classic Icons

Audrey Hepburn

Everytime I think of the LBD, I automatically think of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany`s. The Breakfast at Tiffany's movie poster itself is iconic. Hepburn is the epitome of class and style. She always wore clean cut dresses and added simple accessories. Her thick black eyebrows and petite frame are known world-wide. She is truly one of the classics.

Jean Seberg

It makes me so sad to see that few people are aware of the impact Jean Seberg has on French fashion. I believe it was her in the movie 1960 A Bout De Souffle (Breathless) that created the well-known look of black and white striped dresses/tops and short boyish haircut. I think Jean is completely underrated. But when I think French Fashion, I think of Jean.

Grace Kelly

She was known as the "American Princess". She won an Oscar at the age of 25 and was swept off her feet by Prince Rainier of Monaco by 26. The famous Kelly Bag by Hermes was named after her and she is famously known to wear an Hermes scarf for an arm sling when she broke her arm. I just love how she always wore fur coats and scarves with such sophistication.

I`ll continue later.

source: tfs

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wang #12-Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is proud to announce her first collection, perfect for every occasion. Turning her dreams of becoming a fashion designer into a reality, Lauren Conrad Collection reflects Lauren's upbringing in Southern California, embracing the laid-back lifestyle with dresses, tops and silhouettes that feature novelty detailing, playful accents and clean lines and shapes. All of Lauren's looks can easily be transformed from day into night, without skipping a beat. This Fall, Lauren Conrad Collection will offer timeless pieces that are sophisticated and chic, to bring out the California girl in you!

For those who don`t know LC, she's from the hit show Laguna Beach and now The Hills. She's recently made a collection made from RAYON and SPANDEX and around $130-145. If you`re going to be overpriced, at least be good quality. Her collections consists of mostly basic tops and simple dresses. I extremely dislike it when celebrities "design" their own collections, (esp. KIMORA LEE SIMMONS) Yes, yes I understand Lauren attends FIDM and is getting a degree is fashion merchandising, so she must know how to design her own collection, right? And yeah yeah if given the chance to create your own fashion line, who wouldn't want to take the chance? Here's the thing, I wouldn't be so angry if her collection wasn't so bad. She's completely impractical, or her design team is.Her winter collection has one cardigan and the rest are dresses. Not long sleeve dresses but simple spaghetti-strap dresses with the hem about 2-3 inches above the knee, gosh that sounds like well i don't know maybe a spring/summer dress? Her spring collection is completely boring, all very basic and offers no silhouette.

$150? Haha. The flower and shoes better come with it because I would wear this thing to sleep.

Sigh. The belt isn't making this $130 dress look any better.

I just don`t understand why LC would be fine with these dull dresses, when she, from time to time, dresses great. And how exactly are these timeless pieces? It really makes me laugh when she says to bring out the California girl in you! because every girl can be a California girl right? even in good old Alaska?

Well, celebrities like Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan (shudders) already have bought several pieces from LC's collection, so I guess LC's laughing all the way to the bank.

Source- ShopLaurenConrad & Tfs

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wang #11 - Why the wang doesn't go up.

So far the majority of posts are about things that I love. Well, I'm PMSING like crazy now so it's the best time for things I HATE. Yes, this will be fun.

#1 Juicy Couture & the Faux Fashionistas
The name says it all. I was thinking about attending FIDM and discovered that possibly the most successful alumni from this school is a co-creator of Juicy Couture. Couture?! How dare they call those items couture, especially with such an education. I can understand why though, through reasons of consumer appeal. What 12 -year-old girl wouldn't jump to word "couture", oblivious to what it actually is. This company is the best at marketing to the "faux fashionable", the girls that are caught up in the latest trends that celebrities sport, including the uggs and sweatpants combination, and know the mainstream designers for their famous monograms. These somewhat chav girls gain fantastic interest at the words "Chanel" and "Gucci", not knowing their actual works and pieces. But aside from the consumers themselves, Juicy Couture has some of the most hideous pieces I have ever seen.

I'd rather use their towel-like material bags to clean my bathroom floor.

A clear copy of the already tacky "Gucci Loves NY" bag? I think so! As if Gwen and her L.A.M.B. didn't touch Gucci enough.

But aside from many bad pieces and consumers, I love some of their dresses, shorts, and coats for everyday wear, even if they may be a bit overpriced. There are just two phrases that I hate when people misuse and throw around as if they are of little importance, "I love you." and "couture".

#2 Vintage
Sorry girls, but I'm not the biggest fan of vintage. Most people go to thrift shops for unique items at a cheap cost. I feel that secondhand items are a bit, well, unhygeinic. But aside from that, looking like the past is not progressing fashion. Fashion is already a cycle, with jeans repeatedly flaring or clinching the ankles, sitting above or below the waist. Stores like Urban Outfitters are promoting a vintage look at a costly price. Sometimes the "vintage" look is too rugged and dirty, lacking sophistication. I scan the "girls of the month" on Teen Vogue and they are all clones, striving to be different and special by picking up pieces at the local Goodwill yet ending up with the same hipster and possibly new rave look. The same goes with "scene" kids, purchasing ugly items at thrift stores and dubbing them vintage to hopefully increase their worth and uniqueness. I'm not bashing people that buy items at thrift stores themselves, I'm just sick of this trend. I greatly applaud anyone that can pick up a 20-year-old piece at a thrift store and work it in a modern and new way.

#3 Poorly-dressed Hypebeasts
I love looking at "streetwear". I do not wear it myself and the closest thing I have is a pair of Nike Dunks that I haven't touched in the past 3 months, but I just enjoy looking at it. It just appeals me for some reason and I praise people that can work this look. My only concern are people that execute this look poorly. People usually say someone is sporting streetwear through the brands that they wear, Stussy, Nike, Adidas, 10 Deep, Supreme, whatever it may be! Unfortunately, some people decide to wear these brands but match poorly. I know it is human nature to be appealed by the logo of a shirt because of the class or social group it is associated with, but it's just horrible to look at when the colors don't clash. Is it okay to wear blue and red Dunks with a bright green shirt by Stussy, just because it is "streetwear" and is a "special" look? No. All the guys at superfuture call each other hypebeasts. "Omg, he's such a hypebeast. Omg." But really, isn't everyone a hypebeast? Aren't we all influencing each other in this world of fashion? Thank God only the poorly dressed guys get called one.

In conclusion, it takes a hell of a lot of work to avoid conformism these days.

Alright, I feel a flood of comments coming in right now. Let's keep this fight clean, okay?

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wang #10

US Vogue May 08

Looks like I`m not buying it this month. To me, Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most boring actresses I have ever seen. I believe that people who grace the cover of Vogue should be some what of a fashion icon or at least fashion forward. She has been bland since I can remember and I think what's she's most known for is for starting the celebrity baby boom and weird celebrity baby name trend starting with her daughter Apple. God she looks frozen.

Spanish Street Style

Oh, he just looks divine.

Usually, I absolutely hate the color of acid-washed jeans, but I found a picture that actually makes me want to change my mind. Who knew beige worked so well?

I really love geek glasses. She looks so cool and calm.

THE LEATHER JACKET. A MUST-HAVE. The whole black ensemble is perfect and that leather jacket is WONDERFUL.

Emporio Armani supposedly has sold out their line of roller skates...Because everyone needs Emporio Armani roller skates

Lastly, my new love- geek glasses

source: tfs, facehunter, sartorialist