Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wang #11 - Why the wang doesn't go up.

So far the majority of posts are about things that I love. Well, I'm PMSING like crazy now so it's the best time for things I HATE. Yes, this will be fun.

#1 Juicy Couture & the Faux Fashionistas
The name says it all. I was thinking about attending FIDM and discovered that possibly the most successful alumni from this school is a co-creator of Juicy Couture. Couture?! How dare they call those items couture, especially with such an education. I can understand why though, through reasons of consumer appeal. What 12 -year-old girl wouldn't jump to word "couture", oblivious to what it actually is. This company is the best at marketing to the "faux fashionable", the girls that are caught up in the latest trends that celebrities sport, including the uggs and sweatpants combination, and know the mainstream designers for their famous monograms. These somewhat chav girls gain fantastic interest at the words "Chanel" and "Gucci", not knowing their actual works and pieces. But aside from the consumers themselves, Juicy Couture has some of the most hideous pieces I have ever seen.

I'd rather use their towel-like material bags to clean my bathroom floor.

A clear copy of the already tacky "Gucci Loves NY" bag? I think so! As if Gwen and her L.A.M.B. didn't touch Gucci enough.

But aside from many bad pieces and consumers, I love some of their dresses, shorts, and coats for everyday wear, even if they may be a bit overpriced. There are just two phrases that I hate when people misuse and throw around as if they are of little importance, "I love you." and "couture".

#2 Vintage
Sorry girls, but I'm not the biggest fan of vintage. Most people go to thrift shops for unique items at a cheap cost. I feel that secondhand items are a bit, well, unhygeinic. But aside from that, looking like the past is not progressing fashion. Fashion is already a cycle, with jeans repeatedly flaring or clinching the ankles, sitting above or below the waist. Stores like Urban Outfitters are promoting a vintage look at a costly price. Sometimes the "vintage" look is too rugged and dirty, lacking sophistication. I scan the "girls of the month" on Teen Vogue and they are all clones, striving to be different and special by picking up pieces at the local Goodwill yet ending up with the same hipster and possibly new rave look. The same goes with "scene" kids, purchasing ugly items at thrift stores and dubbing them vintage to hopefully increase their worth and uniqueness. I'm not bashing people that buy items at thrift stores themselves, I'm just sick of this trend. I greatly applaud anyone that can pick up a 20-year-old piece at a thrift store and work it in a modern and new way.

#3 Poorly-dressed Hypebeasts
I love looking at "streetwear". I do not wear it myself and the closest thing I have is a pair of Nike Dunks that I haven't touched in the past 3 months, but I just enjoy looking at it. It just appeals me for some reason and I praise people that can work this look. My only concern are people that execute this look poorly. People usually say someone is sporting streetwear through the brands that they wear, Stussy, Nike, Adidas, 10 Deep, Supreme, whatever it may be! Unfortunately, some people decide to wear these brands but match poorly. I know it is human nature to be appealed by the logo of a shirt because of the class or social group it is associated with, but it's just horrible to look at when the colors don't clash. Is it okay to wear blue and red Dunks with a bright green shirt by Stussy, just because it is "streetwear" and is a "special" look? No. All the guys at superfuture call each other hypebeasts. "Omg, he's such a hypebeast. Omg." But really, isn't everyone a hypebeast? Aren't we all influencing each other in this world of fashion? Thank God only the poorly dressed guys get called one.

In conclusion, it takes a hell of a lot of work to avoid conformism these days.

Alright, I feel a flood of comments coming in right now. Let's keep this fight clean, okay?

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One Sweet Day said...

Haha your post was very interesting and fun to read. Yes, it's really hard not to conform to the way people want us to dress or how everyone looks.

How do you keep from conforming to the world's style or street style?


What you wrote about the Juicy bag is hilarious!

Ginger said... must be having one hell of PMS this month. I agree w/ you on the overdone vintage thing. I like to go thrifting but I barely buy anything..its just fun to look around but if the store smells like mothballs, I'm OUTTA there!

la petite fashionista said...

i agree with you about everything except the vintage. what's the problem with paying significantly less for something thats genuinely vintage instead of a recreated vintage look? I think thrifting is an art, you just have to know how to look & avoid anything too scuzzy. the idea is to not look like you just stepped out of a thrift store though contrary to what hipsters try to achieve.

Wendy said...

Juicy couture is so overrated and ironic because their stuff looks extremely cheap though the price is so high.

aficionada said...

I linked you :)