Friday, April 18, 2008

Wang #12-Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is proud to announce her first collection, perfect for every occasion. Turning her dreams of becoming a fashion designer into a reality, Lauren Conrad Collection reflects Lauren's upbringing in Southern California, embracing the laid-back lifestyle with dresses, tops and silhouettes that feature novelty detailing, playful accents and clean lines and shapes. All of Lauren's looks can easily be transformed from day into night, without skipping a beat. This Fall, Lauren Conrad Collection will offer timeless pieces that are sophisticated and chic, to bring out the California girl in you!

For those who don`t know LC, she's from the hit show Laguna Beach and now The Hills. She's recently made a collection made from RAYON and SPANDEX and around $130-145. If you`re going to be overpriced, at least be good quality. Her collections consists of mostly basic tops and simple dresses. I extremely dislike it when celebrities "design" their own collections, (esp. KIMORA LEE SIMMONS) Yes, yes I understand Lauren attends FIDM and is getting a degree is fashion merchandising, so she must know how to design her own collection, right? And yeah yeah if given the chance to create your own fashion line, who wouldn't want to take the chance? Here's the thing, I wouldn't be so angry if her collection wasn't so bad. She's completely impractical, or her design team is.Her winter collection has one cardigan and the rest are dresses. Not long sleeve dresses but simple spaghetti-strap dresses with the hem about 2-3 inches above the knee, gosh that sounds like well i don't know maybe a spring/summer dress? Her spring collection is completely boring, all very basic and offers no silhouette.

$150? Haha. The flower and shoes better come with it because I would wear this thing to sleep.

Sigh. The belt isn't making this $130 dress look any better.

I just don`t understand why LC would be fine with these dull dresses, when she, from time to time, dresses great. And how exactly are these timeless pieces? It really makes me laugh when she says to bring out the California girl in you! because every girl can be a California girl right? even in good old Alaska?

Well, celebrities like Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan (shudders) already have bought several pieces from LC's collection, so I guess LC's laughing all the way to the bank.

Source- ShopLaurenConrad & Tfs


aficionada said...

Lindsay and Hilary bought Lauren's collection? I can't wait to see how they wear it.. that made me laugh out loud. Cute blog by the way. =) I love the name!!

Ginger said...

What?!@#4 I can buy those at forever 21 for less than $25 bucks!

simply.steph said...

wow, that is super lame. i mean its kind of insulting to stick such a price on something made with cheap material and that can be found at the bottom of a bin at h&m for 10 bucks...