Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wang #6

Why is there no love for Sao Paulo Fashion week?

Triton Fall 08

Leather jackets will never go out of style and the nerd glasses just complete the whole look.

The scarf is absolutely amazing and surprisingly the long sleeves work well with the outfit.

The color of the high waisted skirt just attracts my eye.

Overall, this whole geek-chic/school girl look is absolutely stunning. I have a feeling that Gossip Girls will get some inspiration from these looks because for sure I will.

Huis Clos Fall 08

The hat really kills it for me, but overall the dress is beautiful and just simply fits her body.

Even though I`m not a fan of plaid, I absolutely adore the side pockets and the bow is a bit too big, but I guess the bigger the better?

This look is so simple and casual, yet it slightly personifies the masculine look. The shoes could have been better, but the black ensemble with a hint of metallic looks great.

Although, I think the collection could have better without the hats. Over-accessorizing is not necessary.

Giselle Nasser Fall 08

I never understood why designers like to use animal heads as hats for a fashion show, and I still don`t. The cute pattern on the shirt and flattering skirt work so well together.

My favorites put together- high waisted skirt + side pockets = LOVE
I also always love shirts that are tucked in the bottom but still is flowy.

The designer knows how to use patterns very well shown in this dress. Also, if you look closely all the girls wear a headband, which goes along with the whole boho look.

source: agencia fotosite

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