Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wang #4 - More Milan

The best thing Milan has brought so far? Alberta Feretti.

Very simple and feminine. A bit voluminous and in the first picture so she looks a bit pregnant but whatever I'd still rock it. The hair fits perfectly and it's a look you can do everyday. Definitely ready-to-wear.

Yes, yes. It probably looks like a 7 year old's horrible disco/cosmic bowling party or a fun acid trip Alberta had, but the whole collection is cohesive. She still sticks to the jewel tones. Always loved her draping and pleating!

Romantic. Love the first look. Really love the first look. Shows the versatility of black tights and mary janes so everyone go buy them now!

Romeo and Juliet on the second pic. Third picture looks like a ripped vagina.


picredits - elle

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