Monday, February 18, 2008

Wang #3 - Milan Madness

So Milan started and greeted me with D&G! Great. Now I do like a few looks but they're one of those "they'd look better IF...", you know? It was VERY reminiscent of the 70s, especially the look in the far left bottom corner, with the flare and ruffled chemisiers. But, it was also reminiscent of old grandmothers roaming the streets of Eastern Europe! And I'm totally not down with the whole "I'm a dust bunny" look in the 7th picture. Ugh.

Hello! I smell a Scotch tape commercial! I love the green plaid tights in the first picture but all the pieces are put together a bit uncohesively and it's TOO MUCH. Then again, it is D&G and tackiness has always been a common theme.

70s! Starsky and Hutch is back! Love the look on the bottom left. Very long and voluminous skirts! Time to trade in your Alexander McQueen skull scarf!

Armani greatly surprised me this season. The last thing I'd expect is floral prints. If it weren't for the black background and overall silhouette of the dresses I'd be oblivious to whose collection this is.

This is the classic sophistication and secretary slut in the CEO's office I know Armani for. Great SKIRTS! Beautiful draping. Makes me want to give up carbs for a week and wear ugly fitflops! Just kidding I'd never do that.

Alright I'm done ranting like a gay man on his period.

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